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Have a perfect vacation on the biggest island in the Adriatic sea in a small city called Malinska. Where people are friendly, water is clear and where everyone can find their own peace. The city has a long history as a tourist destination and it has a perfect combination of ancient heritage and new lifestyle.

Villa Amalia is a splendid example of both traditional culture and modern architecture.


The name Malinska originates from the water-mill built in the 15th century. In the past, Malinska was the main island port for wood exportation as well as a favourite tourist destination for the nobility of Vienna whereas today, it is a famous European summer resort.


1866 was the first time that a steamship had harboured on the island of Krk marking the beginning of the development of Malinska from a wood exporting port into a destination where trendy people began recognising the potential of this perfect climate health resort.


Visitors enchanted with its beauty, often refer to Malinska as "the pearl of the Kvarner islands".


The sea and sun can be enjoyed thanks to the clean sea water and numerous attractive beaches.


For years, the Blue flag, an international award, flutters over Rupa beach as a recognition of its quality and its excellent beach facilities.



Natural beauties, a pleasant and mild climate are important features of Malinska. These natural features influenced the beginning of the development of tourism.


Thanks to its lush vegetation and microclimate, Malinska is known for its curative and bathing potential.



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